AMP Pages: Easily Manage Consent Settings for Data Collection on Mobile Websites

London, UK – Users of Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology may want to manage their consent settings accordingly. Strictly necessary data collection is in place to ensure functionality, with optional data collection for personalized ads when users are outside the UK.

For AMP pages, limited information is stored on devices without explicit consent to facilitate page operation. This is necessary to enhance user experience and ensure smooth functionality. Storing consent preferences locally on the device allows for personalized ad display based on user preferences and location.

When consenting to data collection on AMP pages, users are giving permission for personalized ads tailored to their interests. However, users can opt out of this feature by rejecting data collection. It is important to note that although personalized advertising will cease, generic ads will still be displayed to users.

Users have the option to adjust these settings at any time by selecting “Ad Choices / Do not sell my info” in the footer of the page. This level of control empowers users to tailor their browsing experience and choose the level of personalization they are comfortable with. By providing clear options and transparency, users can make informed decisions about their data privacy.