Assistant Principal’s Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit After Fatal Shooting in Chicago Condo Building

Chicago, Illinois – The family of a beloved assistant principal who was tragically shot and killed in his downtown Chicago condo building last year has taken legal action by filing a civil lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges wrongful death and negligence in the case of Abnerd Joseph, who was a cherished figure at Intrinsic High School in downtown Chicago.

Despite no criminal charges being brought in the shooting incident that claimed Joseph’s life, his family seeks closure and justice through the lawsuit. Described as a beacon of positivity and light, Joseph’s impact on his students and community was profound, as evidenced by a mural dedicated to him at the school. Students credited him as their inspiration to pursue higher education.

Months after the devastating loss of Joseph, his family continues to grapple with the pain. The fatal shooting, which occurred in Joseph’s own condo building last September, was a traumatic event for his loved ones. The family contends that Joseph, who was undergoing a mental health episode at the time, was unjustly killed by a neighbor who claimed self-defense.

The lawsuit targets the building management firm, real estate company, development corporation, and the neighbor involved in the shooting for their alleged negligence in responding to Joseph’s mental health crisis. Attorney Antonio M. Romanucci emphasized that the parties should have waited for professional help instead of resorting to lethal force.

Attorneys representing Joseph’s family intend to subpoena surveillance footage of the incident to gather more information. The legal team also expressed frustration with the lack of criminal charges in the case, noting ongoing police investigations.

Efforts to reach out to the involved parties listed in the lawsuit have been met with silence, underscoring the complexity and sensitivity surrounding the legal proceedings. The quest for justice and accountability in Abnerd Joseph’s tragic death remains a central focus for his grieving family.