Attack Leaves Man Severed Ear and Gruesome Scars in Larchmont Nightmare

LARCHMONT, LOS ANGELES – A man in Larchmont, Los Angeles, was brutally attacked outside his home, resulting in the severing of his ear. Jesus Balderas Alfaro underwent surgery to reattach his ear, leaving him with visible scars along his face and skull as a reminder of the vicious assault.

Alfaro, 31, recounted the traumatic experience, expressing how he continues to be haunted by the sounds of the attack. The incident occurred on Raleigh Street in the Larchmont neighborhood during the early hours of Monday.

Prior to the attack, Alfaro had been dealing with theft-related incidents, with thieves stealing all the tires off his car. When he heard noises outside his home, he went to investigate and found his windshield smashed. The suspect, believed to be homeless, fled the scene after the attack.

The knife wounds inflicted on Alfaro extended from his cheekbone through his ear to the back of his skull, narrowly missing critical arteries. Fortunately, he was able to receive medical attention promptly and undergo surgery to save his ear.

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to support Alfaro’s recovery process. The LAPD is investigating the incident to determine if it may be linked to other recent stabbing cases in the area.

Alfaro is urging the public to remain vigilant and cautious, expressing concerns that the suspect may target others. Despite the material damage incurred, Alfaro emphasizes the importance of prioritizing life over possessions, emphasizing the need for awareness and safety in the community.