Attack on Bangladeshi Labor Leader Sparks Outrage and Solidarity from UNI Global Union

Dhaka, Bangladesh – The recent violent attack on Brother Amirul Haque Amin, a prominent labor leader in Bangladesh, has sparked outrage and condemnation from UNI Global Union. A peaceful demonstration in Savar turned chaotic as Amin, General Secretary of the National Shop Employees Federation and President of the National Garments Workers Federation, and his supporters were assaulted by a group while advocating for Eid bonuses for garment and shop workers. The incident left 20 supporters injured, prompting calls for justice and accountability.

UNI Global Union’s Head of Commerce, Mathias Bolton, expressed shock and deep regret over the attack on Amin and other leaders and protesters during their peaceful gathering. Bolton emphasized the need for solidarity and urged the government to swiftly address the situation by holding the perpetrators accountable while engaging in dialogue with unions to address workers’ rightful demands.

Rajendra Acharya, Regional Secretary of UNI Asia and Pacific, condemned the act of violence in strong terms. Acharya called on the Bangladeshi government to take immediate action in ensuring the safety and security of union leaders and workers partaking in peaceful protests, emphasizing the importance of addressing workers’ demands for fair wages, bonuses, and safe working conditions through constructive dialogue with unions.

UNI Global Union reiterated its unwavering support for the National Shop Employees Federation, the National Garments Workers Federation, and all workers in Bangladesh as they strive for justice and respect in the workplace amidst ongoing challenges. Solidarity and advocacy for labor rights remain at the forefront of UNI Global Union’s mission, standing in solidarity with those facing adversity and injustice in their fight for a better working environment.