**Attack** on Eskom Forces Staff Withdrawal from Site B in Khayelitsha

Cape Town, South Africa – Eskom, the South African utility company, has made the decision to withdraw its staff from Site B in Khayelitsha after a violent attack occurred on Monday. This move comes after two employees were reportedly assaulted by members of the community while carrying out operations in the X and XA sections of Site B. The attackers also allegedly took their car keys, hindering the completion of their work.

According to Eskom’s statement, one staff member sustained severe injuries during the incident and required medical treatment. Additionally, an Eskom enterprise digital assistant and the keys were taken, although only the vehicle keys have been recovered. The suspension of services in the area is likely to impact electricity restoration efforts, potentially leading to extended power outages for customers.

This recent attack is not the first time Eskom has faced such violence against its employees. In a previous incident in August 2023, services had to be suspended in various areas, including Khayelitsha, Delft, Belhar, Dunoon, Philippi, and Fisantekraal, after one of the company’s vehicles was petrol-bombed during a taxi strike.

In response to the recent attack, Eskom has stated that it will collaborate with local authorities to assess the situation before determining when staff can safely return to resume operations in the affected area. The company emphasized its commitment to prioritizing the safety and well-being of its employees, condemning any form of harassment or violence against them.

As Eskom works to address the repercussions of the attack, customers in the area may experience delays in the restoration of electricity services. The company’s decision to withdraw its staff highlights the challenges faced by utility workers in carrying out their responsibilities amidst such threats and acts of violence.