Baffling Mystery Surrounds the Tragic Death of a Father and Daughter

Calhoun County, South Carolina – New details have emerged in the investigation of a tragic incident involving a man and his six-year-old daughter, who were found dead in Calhoun County after being reported missing. The father, identified as Jason Murph, 42, and his daughter, Michelle Murph, went missing on December 17.

According to the incident report, on the night of their disappearance, Jason Murph’s wife received a call from an unidentified individual who informed her that Murph had “slid off the road” and had been involved in an accident. Concerned for his well-being, she pleaded with him to call 911, but he hung up and did not respond to her messages. The arrest report stated that the unidentified caller was Jason Murph and that Michelle could be heard in the background.

Authorities launched a search for Jason Murph’s vehicle, described as a blue/grey Toyota Tundra with a South Carolina license plate. Hospitals were checked, and the South Carolina Highway Patrol was contacted for any recent sightings of the vehicle, but no leads were found. The incident report indicates that Jason Murph and his wife were estranged, and he had been taking care of their daughter for the past two weeks.

Quentin Murph, a cousin of Jason Murph, revealed to WIS News 10 that the father and daughter never arrived at their intended destination, Jason Murph’s mother’s house. Their bodies were eventually discovered approximately 100 yards away from a severely damaged and burned truck found by Orangeburg County’s K9 unit.

No 911 calls regarding the truck or a crash involving it were reported to the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office or the South Carolina Highway Patrol, according to their statements. The Calhoun County Coroner, Donnie Porth, stated that an autopsy for Jason and Michelle Murph is scheduled for Friday, but at this time, no foul play is suspected.

The tragic deaths of Jason Murph and his daughter have left the community in mourning as investigators work diligently to uncover the circumstances surrounding their untimely demise. As more information becomes available, the authorities and the community aim to bring closure to this devastating incident.