Beheaded: Accused Serial Killer Appears in Court for Slayings of Two Escorts in Russia

Moscow, Russia – Alexei Varakin, a 37-year-old man from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, has appeared in court after being suspected of killing two sex workers in Moscow. The bodies of the victims were found in separate locations, with one of them being beheaded. According to reports, Varakin allegedly confessed to the killings, claiming that intoxication led to the murders.

The first victim, 40-year-old Olga Vorobyova, was found near a hotel in the Izmailovo district, where she had met Varakin. The second victim, 25-year-old Vlada Skitskaya, was allegedly killed in her rented highrise in the city’s business district the following day. Reports suggest that Varakin’s inability to perform sexually led to violent altercations with both women.

Varakin had previously been incarcerated in 2010 for the murder of two other sex workers in St. Petersburg. Despite being released from prison after being “cured,” Varakin has now been linked to the recent murders in Moscow. The Moscow Prosecutor’s Office has confirmed that an investigation is ongoing, with forensic testing being conducted to link Varakin to the deadly slayings of Vorobyova and Skitskaya.

The disturbing nature of these crimes has sparked concern and alarm among residents in Moscow. The details of the case have raised questions about the effectiveness of rehabilitation and release programs for violent offenders. The tragic loss of two lives has left the community grappling with the impact of these senseless acts of violence. Authorities are working diligently to bring justice to the victims and their families, as they seek to hold the perpetrator accountable for his alleged actions.