Biden Needs To Quit Blaming Everybody Except Himself For Inflation

During Monday’s “Fox and Friends First,” Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) approached President Joe Biden to quit accusing everyone except himself for the record-high inflation in the United States.

Jackson contended that Biden is getting acclaim from a top Chinese government proselytizer over his shift away from the private enterprise says a lot about him. The Texas official encouraged the president to effectively fix the high gas costs.

“I think when you have one leader for everyone who loves freedom, the President of the United States, and you have the debut socialist innovator in the whole world adulating him for his communist way of talking, it says a lot,” Jackson proclaimed. “I figure it doesn’t look great on the worldwide stage how the president has been reprimanded, you know, in all cases. This is simply one more illustration of that. Yet, here we have the communist leader adulating our leader for his communist way of talking.”

“Biden must stop this,” he proceeded. He must quit faulting everyone except himself for what’s happening. He must get a sense of ownership of what’s going on and effectively fix it. He must effectively fix it.