Biden’s Vintage Corvette Holds Secret Tied to Hunter’s Alleged Crimes

President Joe Biden, known for his empathetic demeanor, tried to console Maui residents after the devastating wildfires that affected the Hawaiian island. However, his attempt to link POTUS to Hunter’s wrongdoings was met with criticism.

The 80-year-old head of state embarked on two separate family vacations – one at a Delaware beach and the other at a billionaire’s mansion in Lake Tahoe – before going to Hawaii to assess the damage.

During his visit, Biden drew a comparison between the Maui fires, which tragically claimed the lives of possibly over a thousand individuals, and an incident from his personal history in which his home briefly caught fire after being struck by lightning in 2004. He shared, “Back in 2004, I almost lost my wife, my ’67 Corvette, and my cat due to a fire.” He then said, “kidding aside.” Firefighters at the scene confirmed that the 2004 fire was contained within 20 minutes and had minimal consequences.

The significant point of interest revolves around the fact that the 1967 Corvette referenced by Biden was not destroyed in the minor fire he likened to the catastrophic Maui wildfires. This fact was a relief for Biden at the time. However, from a retrospective perspective, it holds importance for Republican investigators and those who advocate for transparency in uncovering the truth about alleged illicit activities involving the Biden family.

Nearly twenty years later, the 1967 Corvette Stingray emerges as evidence implicating Joe Biden in his son Hunter’s questionable foreign business dealings. Among the recovered contents from Hunter Biden’s laptop are photographs of Hunter driving his father’s vintage Corvette near their Delaware family residence. In the same place, Joe Biden also stored classified documents.

Notably, the date of these photographs – July 30, 2017 – coincides with text messages exchanged between Hunter and a Chinese business tycoon named Henry Zhao. In these messages, Hunter referred to his father, mentioning that he was awaiting a call from him. Zhao is linked to a Chinese energy company connected to the country’s military intelligence service. Hunter’s text conveyed, “I’m here waiting for the call with my father. “

Crucial context underscores the discrepancy between Biden’s statements over time and the evidence uncovered by congressional investigators about Hunter’s controversial business arrangements. For instance:

  • Biden asserted that he had never discussed “his overseas business dealings” with Hunter. However, evidence suggests otherwise.
  • In a 2020 debate with Donald Trump, Biden claimed Hunter had not earned money from China. This assertion has been contradicted by Hunter’s recent admission in court that he received millions of dollars from Chinese sources.

The narrative portrays President Joe Biden’s poor attempt at consoling Maui residents amid a devastating wildfire. Nonetheless, his references to his vintage Corvette surviving a minor fire from the past ultimately become a pivotal piece of evidence connecting him to his son Hunter’s alleged wrongdoings. The broader context of statements and evidence underscores the need for transparency and accountability in addressing these matters.