Bomb Squad Investigates Explosion in Meriden Storm Drain, Declares No Danger to Community

Meriden, Connecticut – Authorities responded to an explosion in a storm drain in Meriden on Monday evening. The incident occurred near Cross Street and Women’s Way, prompting a swift investigation by the local police department.

Upon arrival at the scene, officers observed smoke emanating from the storm drain, leading to concerns regarding the safety of the surrounding area. Fortunately, it was determined that the explosion was not of significant magnitude, alleviating fears of any serious injuries or property damage.

During the search of the vicinity, law enforcement discovered a suspicious device inside another storm drain, prompting the deployment of the Connecticut State Police Bomb Squad. As a precautionary measure, authorities secured the area and evacuated nearby residents while the bomb squad carefully removed and examined the suspicious item.

Following a thorough inspection, bomb squad personnel confirmed that the device was not an explosive, reassuring the community that there was no immediate danger. With the scene cleared and no further threats detected, normalcy was restored in the neighborhood.

The swift and coordinated response by local law enforcement and the bomb squad highlights the importance of vigilance and preparedness in ensuring the safety of the community. Residents can take comfort in the efficient handling of the situation, preventing any potential harm or disruptions.

As investigations continue into the origins of the explosion and the nature of the suspicious device, authorities remain on high alert to swiftly address any emerging threats and uphold the security of Meriden and its residents.