Boston Parking Enforcement Worker Brutally Attacked After Ticketing Illegally Parked Car

Boston, MA – A parking enforcement worker in Boston was the victim of a vicious attack after ticketing an illegally parked car in Dorchester. The city and union officials are now advocating for better protection of city workers in the wake of this violent incident on Hartwell Street.

Kenneth Vandergrift, a Dorchester resident and the owner of the vehicle, was arrested for assaulting the worker. According to police, Vandergrift took the worker’s radio and used it to physically assault him, also kicking and stomping on the worker, causing serious injuries.

The attack has shocked residents in the area, but for the union representing the workers, it unfortunately comes as no surprise. Jim Durkin of AFCSME 93 emphasized that parking enforcement workers regularly face verbal and physical assaults while simply doing their jobs.

Boston City Councilor Erin Murphy is advocating for potential solutions to this issue, including increased security for the workers and the possibility of having them work in pairs during overnight shifts. Murphy emphasized the need to ensure that city workers have the support and safety measures necessary to carry out their job duties without fear.

Durkin echoed the need for a change in public attitude towards these workers, emphasizing the need to address the mean-spirited and violent treatment they often encounter.

The city and union officials are seeking to address the disturbing trend of violence against city workers and are pushing for concrete measures to ensure their safety and well-being. The incident has sparked a call for action and a broader conversation about the treatment of municipal employees in Boston.