Burger Chef Location Linked to 1978 Abductions and Killings to Be Demolished in Speedway, Indiana

SPEEDWAY, Ind. – Officials in Speedway, Indiana, have announced plans to demolish a former fast-food building that has been linked to one of the most heinous unsolved crimes in the area’s history. The building, which was once a Burger Chef restaurant, is the site where four young workers were abducted in 1978 and found slain two days later in a field a county away.

The free-standing building, located a short distance west of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, will be demolished and replaced by a dental office, according to town officials. The building has housed various shops over the years but has struggled to sustain long-term business success.

In 1978, the Burger Chef location became infamous after four young fast-food workers were abducted at closing time. Two days later, their bodies were discovered in a field, still dressed in their work uniforms. The assistant manager, Jayne Friedt, 20, was stabbed, while Daniel Davis, 16, and Ruth Shelton, 17, were shot in the back of their heads. Sixteen-year-old Mark Flemmonds died choking on his blood.

Former Speedway police officer Bill Jones commented on the impact of the building’s dark history, noting that passersby are always reminded of the tragic events that took place there. Burger Chef was a now-defunct fast-food chain that once had locations across the U.S.

The demolition of the Burger Chef building serves as a stark reminder of the unsolved murders that occurred 45 years ago and the impact it had on the local community. This decision marks the end of a chapter in the town’s history and paves the way for new development in the area.