China’s Hidden Agenda: How They’re Trying to Influence America

On Sunday, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin claimed that China aims to invade the United States’ economic supply chain through Trojan horse connections like the one they constructed with Ford Motor Company. This comes after Youngkin withdrew his state from consideration for a new Ford motor plant last month after learning that the electric car battery facility would have used technology made in China.

The Republican governor told reporters that China’s only objective is to dominate the international stage at the expense of the United States. They use any means, including military threats, surveillance balloons, and TikTok.

But Virginia is holding firm, Youngkin said, and the Chinese Communist Party will not buy its farmland.

Youngkin has stated that he will sign a law with broad bipartisan support to prevent China from purchasing farmland, especially near national strategic assets like the Pentagon, Quantico, and America’s largest naval installation. He noted that American property would be protected.

Youngkin reported that many U.S. investors want to keep investing money in China. Nonetheless, he said he has sat across the table from CCP leaders and is entirely aware of their intentions through his experience as a businessman.

He said they are employing economic coercion to access the American supply chain, as they did in 2016 when they pressured General Motors to drop a Korean battery producer. Economic security for the United States is vital.

He also criticized the Biden administration for facilitating China’s advancements. He thinks the American people, business leaders, and members of Congress should know that the liberal agenda will not back down from China even if it causes them discomfort. If accepting Chinese funding for colleges and other institutions threatens the liberal or environmentalist agenda, the Chinese government will back down.

As Youngkin put it, the United States has been complicit in China’s goal to dominate the minerals industry and the U.S. supply chain for years.

According to Youngkin, the United States fought back when China tried to control the 5G supply chain by developing reliable 5G capabilities. The same must be done in these other crucial sectors.

Youngkin has also criticized President Joe Biden for not visiting the scene of the railway crash and toxic chemical discharge in East Palestine, Ohio, on February 3, but has visited Ukraine and is planning a trip to Virginia.

Biden wants to talk about health care, but Youngkin argued that he couldn’t travel to a place where people’s actual health worries are causing them to worry about the short-term effects of things like this tragic train tragedy and the long-term effects of cancer threats. Biden must take the lead at this critical juncture.

The governor also addressed the education issue and Biden’s ideas, noting that the 2021 election results showed that Republicans could win on a program focused on children and their families.

It’s not about pitting Republicans against Democrats; instead, it’s about permitting parents more of a say over their children’s upbringing and acknowledging the shared concern for children shared by all parents, regardless of party affiliation.

Meanwhile, Youngkin has been mentioned as a possible candidate for the GOP presidential candidacy in 2024. Regardless, he has informed the media that he plans to remain focused on serving his state.

According to Youngkin, there is a sizable budget to negotiate, and the reality in Virginia is that it is being handled competently. He focuses entirely on the Commonwealth of Virginia, where he has a lot of good work to accomplish.