CNN’s Harry Enten Suggests Biden’s Polling Numbers on Economy are ‘Awful’

Appearing Thursday on CNN, network analyst Harry Enten expressed polling numbers concerning the U.S. economy under President Joe Biden are “horrendous.”

A transcript is as per the following:

ANA CABRERA: New CNN polling discovers sentiments about the economy are the most terrible they have been in 10 years. Harry, as per this most recent poll, most Americans are unsettled about their financial situation. Fill us in.

HARRY ENTEN: On the chyron, they have horrid; I planned to utilize terribly. Assuming you ask Americans how they view the economy — is it poor or excellent — take a look at the rate who express poor right now. It’s more than 70%. 77% say awful. Only 23% say great.

You want to return the whole way to 2012 to see numbers that terrible, and it’s a sad shock on the off chance that you ask people what the main issue is confronting the nation at this moment? What is the top issue? The economy.