Congressman Rosendale: NORAD Can’t Shed Light on Airborne Object Over Montana

Over the weekend, the F.A.A. briefly halted flights over a portion of Montana due to the presence of an unknown flying object. A Republican congressman from Montana stated that he was kept informed about the situation.

Representative Matt Rosendale said the Defense Department had briefed him at a Lincoln Reagan dinner. His account, however, varied from the one presented in a statement issued by NORAD about a radar anomaly that led to the temporary closure of airspace above Big Sky Country.

In a tweet, Rosendale said he was in direct contact with NORCOM and kept an eye on the situation in Havre and the northern border. The Department of Defense would resume its efforts to observe and ground the object the morning after closing airspace owing to an obstruction to commercial flight traffic.

An official statement from NORAD on the grounding of flights and the fact that fighter jets were sent to investigate but had not yet identified the object to correlate to the radar hits seemed inconsistent with what Rosendale was told, as did his comments about the D.O.D. continuing their efforts to observe and ground the object in the light of the morning.

On Saturday night, during a conservative outlet’s coverage of the unknown flying object, Rosendale discussed the surprising development with the media, offering a far different account than NORAD by claiming that this new unknown object was another balloon.

Rosendale said he had explained that this was a fourth balloon but that it was impossible to bring it down in the dark. Since the object was still being tracked, more information on the final destination would be provided to him the following morning.

Rosendale aimed at Biden, declaring that adversaries will take advantage of any signs of weakness. The Chinese balloons were probing the Biden administration regardless of what information they were collecting and sending back to China.

Before news of this event in Montana, the United States military jets shot down an unknown object over Canada, a day after another unidentified aircraft was shot down over Alaska. A week after, a Chinese surveillance balloon was shot down on orders from President Joe Biden, who inexplicably dallied for days as it traveled across half of the country.

Meanwhile, speculation about the object’s true nature is still unknown.

Republican Governor Greg Gianforte of Montana stated on Twitter that he had been briefed at the White House on an object in Montana airspace and would receive continuous updates.

With questions regarding the Chinese spy balloon still unanswered, many concerned citizens of Montana and the rest of the United States are looking to the Biden administration to be entirely forthcoming.