Dads Propose New Legislation After Murder-Suicide Incident Involving Their Children

VERDIGRIS, Okla. — Two fathers in Green Country are pushing for changes in the law after their children were tragically killed by their mother in a murder-suicide in Verdigris. Brandy McCaslin took the lives of 9-month-old Billy, 5-year-old Bryce, and 11-year-old Noe during a supervised visitation last July.

In response to this devastating loss, Noe and Billy’s dads, Ryan McGee and Billy Jacobson, are collaborating on a new senate bill, Senate Bill 1756. Their goal is to make changes that will benefit other children and families, and they have named the bill The Three Angels Law to reflect their desire to reform how supervised custody works.

McGee carries a photo of Noe with him everywhere, describing her as an “awesome, amazing kid” and emphasizing how much he misses her. He and Jacobson believe the system failed them leading up to the tragic event and hope to implement additional protections to prevent similar incidents in the future.

According to investigators, McCaslin locked a supervisor in a garage before taking the lives of the three children and then herself. McGee and Jacobson are now advocating for mandatory training for anyone supervising a visit, as well as a requirement for treatment for mental health or addiction as a condition for custody or visitation to take place.

The grieving fathers are also working on addressing the issue of custody and visitation rights for dads, as they believe that the current laws do not offer enough support. They have been collaborating with legislators at the capitol in an effort to bring about changes and are committed to continuing the fight for further reforms in the law.

Senate Bill 1756, which has already received its first reading and has been referred to the judiciary, embodies their commitment to honoring the memory of their children by advocating for vital changes in the law.