Dover Murder-Suicide Linked to Financial Struggles of Prominent Family

DOVER, Mass. – Authorities are struggling to find a motive for the tragic murder-suicide that occurred last month in a Dover mansion, where a 57-year-old man, identified as Rakesh Kamal, reportedly killed his wife and daughter.

The Norfolk County District Attorney’s office revealed that initial autopsy results confirmed that Teena Kamal and her 18-year-old daughter, Arianna Kamal, died of gunshot wounds in what has been ruled as a homicide. Rakesh Kamal died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The tragic incident shed light on the family’s financial struggles, as public documents revealed that Teena Kamal had filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in September 2022, listing assets and liabilities between $1 and $10 million.

The family’s financial woes extended to their property at 8 Wilson’s Way in Dover, which was sold at auction for $3 million to their mortgage lender, Wilsondale Associates, late last year. Authorities found the family dead from gunshot wounds in the same property on Dec. 28, 2023, raising questions about the circumstances leading up to the tragedy.

In 2019, the Kamals purchased the Wilson Way property, coinciding with Rakesh Kamal’s departure from his position as managing director and chief technology officer for Harvard Business School Online. In the months leading up to the incident, Rakesh Kamal was listed as the president of EduNova, while Teena Kamal was listed as its chief operating officer. However, the organization was involuntarily dissolved in December 2021. The couple’s professional setbacks and financial difficulties have left authorities pondering the possible reasons that could have led to the tragic outcome.

While the investigation continues, the community mourns the loss of the Kamal family, and authorities work relentlessly to piece together the events leading up to the tragic murder-suicide. The heartbreaking incident has brought attention to the importance of mental health and financial literacy, shedding light on the challenges that families may face during times of distress and hardship.