Drones Target Ukraine on New Year’s Night, Killing One and Damaging Landmarks

DONETSK, Russia – Explosions shook the city of Donetsk, Russia on New Year’s Eve, with occupation authorities claiming that four people were killed in the attack. The shelling began after midnight Moscow time, sparking a fire in the city center. Videos posted by residents on social media captured the sounds of explosions. The Donbas Palace Hotel in Donetsk was hit six times overnight, where the Russian “elite” and Moscow guests were celebrating the New Year, according to Ukrainian journalist Andriy Tsaplienko.

Denis Pushilin, leader of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) terrorist organization, accused the Ukrainian Armed Forces of being behind the shelling. Pushilin claimed that Donetsk’s city center, Kalininskyi, and Budonivskyi districts were targeted with multiple rocket launchers, resulting in four deaths and 13 injuries.

Russian “war correspondent” Andrei Medvedev initially reported injuries to Donetsk media representatives but later clarified that it was “war correspondents” from the propaganda agency Anna News who were injured. In addition to the explosions, Russia attacked several Ukrainian regions with Shahed kamikaze drones on New Year’s Day, deploying drone groups in the evening and continuing air raids intermittently until morning. Fragment from the drones hit residential buildings in Odesa, killing one person and injuring nine others.

The Ukrainan Air Force reported shooting down a record number of Russian strike drones – 87 out of 90 on New Year’s night. The Russians also hit two national landmarks in Lviv, destroying the museum dedicated to the Ukrainian Insurgent Army General Roman Shukhevych and damaging the Lviv National Agrarian University in Dubliany.

In summary, explosions in Russia-occupied Donetsk on New Year’s Eve resulted in four deaths and multiple injuries. The city was also targeted by Shahed kamikaze drones, causing destruction and casualties in various Ukrainian regions. The Ukrainian Air Force reported a successful defense, with a record number of Russian strike drones shot down.