Drug Addict Fatally Stabs Nephew in Lahore Family Dispute

LAHORE, PAKISTAN – In Nawab Town, a tragic incident unfolded as a drug addict assaulted his sister and her young nephew. The three-year-old nephew, Ali Raza, tragically lost his life due to being fatally stabbed during the altercation, while the woman sustained injuries.

The attacker, identified as Haider Ali, fled the scene following the violent episode. The injured woman was promptly rushed to the hospital for medical treatment. The motive behind the attack was revealed to stem from a dispute between Haider Ali and his sister.

This heart-wrenching event sheds light on the ongoing struggle with drug addiction in Lahore. A recent report titled ‘Addiction in Lahore,’ compiled by the Drug Advisory Training Hub (DATH) in partnership with YOCFAN, highlighted the severity of the situation. The city has witnessed a staggering number of deaths related to drug addiction, with at least 559 fatalities recorded in public areas such as streets, parks, and sidewalks in the year 2024.

Syed Zulfiqar Hussain, a consultant for the Anti-Drugs/Narcotics Campaign, emphasized the urgency of addressing the drug addiction crisis in Lahore. The collaborative report underscores the pressing need for intervention and support services to combat the growing prevalence of drug-related incidents in the city.

The tragic assault in Nawab Town serves as a somber reminder of the far-reaching consequences of substance abuse. As authorities work to address the root causes of drug addiction in Lahore, it is essential to provide comprehensive support services to individuals grappling with substance abuse issues. Through collective efforts and community engagement, Lahore can strive towards a safer and healthier environment for all residents.