Ear-Slashing Attack Leaves Larchmont Man Traumatized and Vigilant

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – A violent attack outside a home in Larchmont left a man with a severed ear, requiring emergency medical attention to reattach it. Jesus Balderas Alfaro, 31, recounts the gruesome sound of his skin ripping during the assault, which occurred on Raleigh Street in the Los Angeles neighborhood.

Alfaro had previously been the victim of theft, with thieves stealing all the tires off his car just weeks before the attack. Upon hearing noises outside his home, Alfaro went to investigate, only to find his windshield smashed, leading to a confrontation with a suspect who seemed to be homeless.

The attack left Alfaro with surgery scars across his face and skull, serving as a constant reminder of the traumatic incident. While at first, he feared that his neck had been slashed, the knife wounds actually extended from his cheekbone through his ear to the back of his skull.

Following the attack, Alfaro emphasized the importance of being vigilant and aware of one’s surroundings, as he worries that the suspect may strike again. Despite the harrowing experience, he remains grateful that the injuries did not involve any arteries, acknowledging the value of life over material possessions.

A fundraising campaign has been initiated to assist with Jesus’s recovery, as the LAPD probes the possibility of the attack being linked to other recent stabbing incidents. As Alfaro continues to recover from the physical and emotional trauma, he hopes to raise awareness among the public about the importance of safety and caution in the community.