Employee Allegedly Ambushes and Kills Coworker Outside Topgolf Business

THORNTON, Colo. – A Topgolf employee in Thornton, Colorado, is facing serious charges after allegedly shooting and killing a coworker in the business’s parking lot on Dec. 23. Victor Salazar-Guarache, 26, is accused of waiting in the parking lot for an hour and then ambushing the victim, firing 12 rounds at him.

Witnesses reported that Salazar-Guarache appeared to laugh as he left the scene after shooting Bryce Holden, 22, and shooting at another coworker. Both Salazar-Guarache and Holden worked as dishwashers at Topgolf, and Salazar-Guarache left work early at 11:42 p.m. without providing an explanation.

According to the affidavit, Salazar-Guarache drove around the parking lot before parking in the aisle closest to the building. When Holden and the manager entered the parking lot, Salazar-Guarache exited his vehicle, assumed a shooting stance, and began firing at them.

Holden fell after the first shot, and Salazar-Guarache continued firing a total of 12 rounds. The kitchen manager ran back towards the business for safety. Salazar-Guarache was found a few hours later by Larimer County deputies traveling north on Interstate 25 and was taken into custody.

Salazar-Guarache is now facing a first-degree murder charge and two counts of attempted first-degree murder in the shooting. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 29. This tragic incident has shocked the community and left many questioning the motive behind this senseless act of violence.