EXPLOSION DESTROYS KEY BRIDGE SECTION ON DALI: Significant Debris Falls into Patapsco River

Baltimore, Maryland – The controlled explosion of the Key Bridge debris on Monday evening was a dramatic event that saw chunks of steel fall into the Patapsco River. The operation aimed to free the Dali ship, which had been trapped under the wreckage of the collapsed bridge since a tragic accident on March 26. Six construction workers lost their lives in the incident, prompting the need for the explosive removal of the bridge debris. With the successful detonation clearing the way, the Dali is now expected to resume its journey to the Seagirt Terminal in the coming days.

In the aftermath of the Key Bridge collapse, the Maryland Office of the Attorney General is seeking authorization to hire five law firms for what is anticipated to be a complex legal battle. The Board of Public Works will vote on this request, as Attorney General Anthony Brown prepares to pursue litigation against entities responsible for the bridge disaster. Potential liabilities may include the ship owner, the management company, and others involved in the ship’s design, manufacture, and maintenance.

Marylanders are heading to the polls today for the primary elections, which will determine party nominees for statewide and local seats ahead of the November general election. With over 2,100 polling places open across the state, voters in cities like Baltimore City and counties like Anne Arundel County and Montgomery County are casting their ballots in critical races, including presidential, U.S. Senate, and House of Representatives contests.

Meanwhile, political dynamics are at play in Maryland as Republican Larry Hogan seeks a path forward for his party in the face of shifting allegiances and challenges within the GOP. As Hogan navigates the political landscape, Democratic contenders like David Trone and Angela Alsobrooks are positioning themselves as viable challengers in the upcoming Senate race. Recent polls indicate a close race between the Democratic candidates and Hogan, highlighting the importance of party dynamics in shaping the election outcome.

In the 3rd Congressional District primary race, Harry Dunn and Sarah Elfreth are vying for the Democratic nomination in a closely watched contest that reflects voter concerns about the events of January 6 and its aftermath. Dunn’s campaign, focused on saving democracy, faces strong competition from Elfreth, a state senator known for her legislative work and bipartisan approach to governance. The outcome of this primary race will signal the priorities and preferences of Democratic voters in Maryland.

In Fells Point, tensions are rising over the Atlas Group’s plans for a new bar on Thames Street, which have stirred anger and fear among residents. The conservative media mogul David Smith and his nephew Alex Smith, CEO of the Atlas Restaurant Group, are facing pushback from local residents and officials over their political influence and controversial proposals. As the Smith group’s power grows in Baltimore and Annapolis, community members are mobilizing to resist perceived threats to their neighborhood and way of life.