Explosion Rocks Iron River Neighborhood: Community Rallies to Support Displaced Families

IRON RIVER, Mich. – The explosion of a house on Cayuga Street in Iron River Saturday night caused widespread damage, with debris flying across multiple blocks and several neighboring homes suffering damage. The blast also tragically resulted in the death of the 80-year-old homeowner, while leaving no other injuries.

Jackie Orullien, a resident living next door to the house that exploded, described the disorienting moments following the explosion, stating, “I thought it was a bomb but then we realized something had happened outside. All the power was out and there was glass everywhere.” Despite the chaos, Orullien expressed gratitude for the immediate support from the community, emphasizing the impressive love and support in the small town.

In response to the explosion, the American Red Cross was called to provide assistance, evacuating nearby homeowners to the Windsor Center for shelter. The center, with the help of a local church, also covered the cost of hotel rooms for those displaced by the blast. Additionally, the American Red Cross Disaster Program Specialist, Timothy Davis, ensured that food was provided to those impacted while they were unable to access their homes and kitchens.

Law enforcement officials are still investigating the cause of the explosion, with Chief Curt Harrington stating that no criminal activity is suspected at this time. The West Iron County Fire Chief has also announced the closure of several roads in the area of 7th and 8th Avenue until the investigation is completed.

The name of the man killed in the explosion has not been released at this time, and the Windsor Center has stated that they are no longer accepting donations after receiving overwhelming support from the community. The community’s response to the tragedy has highlighted the unity and generosity present in this small Michigan town.