Family Murder Tragedy Honored with Vigil in East Lansdowne

EAST LANSDOWNE, Pennsylvania – A community gathered to honor the Le family, who tragically died after a shooting and house fire in East Lansdowne, Delaware County. Pink and blue balloons were released into the sky at a vigil held in Yeadon Community Park to remember Xuong Le, his wife Britni McLaughlin-Le, and their three children, 10-year-old Xavier, 13-year-old NaKayla, and 17-year-old NaTalya.

The remains of the family were recovered from the devastating fire that engulfed their home on Lewis Avenue in East Lansdowne. The family members were remembered fondly by loved ones, sharing stories and memories at the emotional vigil.

The tragedy unfolded when authorities believe 43-year-old Canh Le, Xuong Le’s brother, was the perpetrator in the shooting and fire. Canh is suspected of shooting and killing the members of his family, as well as injuring two police officers, before the house was set ablaze.

According to Britni McLaughlin-Le’s father, John McLaughlin, the family had a happy and loving life together. He expressed deep sadness over the loss of his daughter and her family.

As the community mourns the loss, friends of the 13-year-old victim, NaKayla, shared touching memories of her. NaKayla’s dance studio described her as an amazing girl and a talented dancer, emphasizing the impact of her loss.

The tragedy began with a 911 call reporting a child had been shot, leading to a fire erupting in the family’s home. During the chaotic incident, two police officers were injured, and the home was left in ruins.

The mother of the perpetrator, Chin Le, recounted hearing an argument between Canh and his 13-year-old niece before the shooting. She described the harrowing moments before the shots were fired, and her husband made the decision to get her out of the home.

The incident left the community in grief and shock, with the owner of NaKayla’s dance studio expressing a commitment to honor her throughout the season. The tragic loss of the Le family has deeply impacted the community, leaving them in pain as they begin the healing process.