Family Stabbing: Father Commits Suicide After Killing Wife and Son

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — The tragic death of three family members in Hanover has left the community in shock. According to the Hanover Police, the incident occurred when 50-year-old Rogelio Arvizu confronted his son, 17-year-old Dylan Arvizu-Morales, and wife, 49-year-old Guadalupe Arvizu-Morales, at their home on E. Walnut St. and attacked them with a knife. The situation took a devastating turn when the couple’s 27-year-old child arrived at the scene and was also attacked by Arvizu.

The 27-year-old managed to escape the home and seek help from a bystander, who promptly called 911. However, it was too late for Dylan Arvizu-Morales and Guadalupe Arvizu-Morales, whose deaths have been ruled as homicides by the York County Coroner. The authorities later found Rogelio Arvizu’s body on the 900 block of Broadway with multiple stab wounds and lacerations, and his death has been ruled as a suicide.

The tragic event has prompted a GoFundMe campaign to cover the medical expenses of the 27-year-old and help with the funeral arrangements for the deceased Arvizu-Morales family members. The community has been quick to offer support, and the fundraising efforts are ongoing.

This heartbreaking incident has deeply affected the community of Hanover, and the authorities are working to provide support and resources to those impacted by the tragedy. The investigation is ongoing, and the community is coming together to support the surviving family member and honor the memories of those lost in this devastating event.