Hunter Biden’s Ex-Business Partner Dishes Jaw-Dropping Details to Congress

Days before Devon Archer was set to appear before Congress, the Biden administration did everything possible to prevent it. The Department of Justice reportedly tried to apprehend Devon Archer mere hours before his scheduled testimony on Monday. They obviously had reasons to be worried. During a confidential meeting with Congress, Archer, Hunter Biden’s former business partner, revealed significant information regarding Hunter’s dealing with Burisma. Even more importantly, he explained Joe Biden’s role in this matter.

According to reports, Archer disclosed that in December 2015, Burisma Holdings pressured Hunter Biden to intervene in a corruption investigation involving the firm by a Ukrainian prosecutor. It’s important to note that this incident occurred just before former Vice President Joe Biden issued a warning to Ukraine, which seemed to link the firing of the prosecutor in question with U.S. aid.

Furthermore, Archer provided significant explanations regarding the appointment of Hunter Biden to the board of Burisma. He indicated that the Biden family’s “brand” held substantial value when the company faced allegations of corruption from not only Ukrainian authorities but also the United States and Great Britain.

According to an anonymous source, Archer testified that “the brand” represented the primary value of adding Hunter Biden to Burisma’s board, and it was Joe Biden who brought the most value to this brand. Allegedly, the former vice president engaged in over 20 phone conversations with Hunter Biden’s business associates, not to discuss specific business matters but to “sell the brand.”

Furthermore, Archer contradicted Joe Biden’s previous statements claiming he never met with Hunter’s foreign business associates. According to Archer’s testimony, Joe Biden participated in multiple speakerphone calls with Hunter’s clients, primarily to promote the family’s brand.

Regarding the Ukrainian prosecutor’s investigation, Archer claimed that Hunter Biden faced pressure in late 2015 to assist in dealing with Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin’s corruption inquiry, precisely when Joe Biden planned to travel to Ukraine. The source revealed that Burisma’s owner, Mykola Zlochevsky, and executive Vadym Pozharski continuously urged Hunter Biden to seek help from Washington regarding the investigation. In response, Biden, Zlochevsky, and Pozharski had a discussion over the phone with individuals in D.C.

Following this meeting, Joe Biden’s visit to Ukraine as vice president led to a series of efforts to compel the Ukrainian president to dismiss Shokin, threatening to withhold $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees if the termination did not occur. Joe Biden’s defenders maintained that the firing was unrelated to Burisma and rather stemmed from the Obama administration’s belief in Shokin’s corruption.

The Daily Caller reported that Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene concurs with JTN’s source and considers Joe Biden’s dishonesty to be the most significant disclosure to date. For years, Biden has claimed not to know about his son’s business dealings and insists that he has never discussed the matter with him. However, Devon Archer’s recent confirmation proves otherwise. According to the transcribed interview, he stated that Hunter Biden spoke to Joe Biden about their business deals over 20 times. According to the speaker, the conversation was strictly centered on business deals, and no other topics were discussed.