Inmate’s Unprovoked Assault Leaves Corrections Officer Hospitalized

Billerica, Massachusetts – A corrections officer in Billerica, Massachusetts was hospitalized after being seriously injured in an unprovoked attack by an inmate at the Middlesex Jail and House of Correction on April 26. The inmate, identified as Patrick D. Litchfield, 32, has a history of violent incidents at the facility and is now facing multiple charges related to the assault.

The injured corrections officer has been discharged from the hospital and is currently recuperating at home. Sheriff Peter Koutoujian emphasized the dangers faced by corrections officers, highlighting the sudden and violent nature of the attack. The Sheriff’s Office has provided support to the injured officer and his family.

Following the assault, Litchfield was transferred to the Worcester County Jail and House of Correction to face his current sentence and pending charges. The Sheriff’s Office obtained a warrant charging Litchfield with assault and battery on a correctional employee, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, among other offenses related to the incident.

Members of the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office Peer Support Team and licensed clinicians were deployed to the facility to provide immediate assistance after the attack. The disturbing criminal history of Litchfield at the Middlesex Jail and House of Correction includes previous incidents of violence and disruptive behavior.

Litchfield’s criminal record dates back several years and includes charges such as assault, possession of weapons, and malicious destruction. Court documents reveal a pattern of dangerous and erratic behavior, posing a threat to those around him. The Sheriff’s Office has not disclosed the name of the injured corrections officer or the extent of his injuries.

Overall, the incident underscores the challenges faced by corrections officers in maintaining safety and order in correctional facilities. The ongoing case against Litchfield highlights the importance of addressing mental health issues and ensuring the safety of both inmates and staff members within the criminal justice system.