Justice Demanded by UCLA Faculty and Staff After Brutal Attacks on Campus

Los Angeles, CA – In a powerful show of unity, 1000 members of the University of California faculty and staff have signed a letter demanding justice following brutal attacks on students at UCLA. The letter, released on May 1, criticizes Chancellor Gene Block for failing to protect students’ safety and free speech rights in the wake of the violent night of vigilante violence on campus.

The faculty and staff’s demands, outlined in the letter, highlight the outrage over the violent mob attack on students gathered at Royce Quad and the failure of UCLA leadership to intervene. The chaotic scene included masked agitators ramming barricades, launching fireworks, and assaulting protestors with pepper spray and weapons, leaving students with chemical burns and trauma.

Representatives of 800 faculty members held a press conference on Thursday, May 9, attempting to deliver the letter to Chancellor Block at Murphy Hall. Despite their efforts, they were denied entry by security guards, reflecting the escalating tensions between the administration and faculty.

The letter not only calls for Chancellor Block’s resignation but also demands full amnesty for those involved in the protests and transparency regarding UCLA’s investments, including divesting from military weapons production companies – aligning with the demands of student protestors.

The faculty and staff are pushing for immediate action on their demands, including a full investigation into the actions of UCLA leadership and law enforcement during the events, as well as providing financial and healthcare assistance to affected students.

As tensions continue to rise at UCLA, faculty and staff are considering withholding labor until their demands are met, while UAW Graduate Student Academic Workers are also contemplating a strike in response to the recent events. The collective voice of the faculty and staff underscores the urgent need for accountability and justice in the aftermath of the violent attacks on students.