Kamala’s Chicago Charade: Pushing Gun Control While Ignoring the Constitution

Vice President Kamala Harris recently expressed her delight to gun control enthusiasts about the Biden administration’s progress in pushing its gun control agenda. Speaking at the Gun Sense University event in Chicago, she touted the so-called “common sense gun safety laws.” But let’s be clear: this isn’t about safety but control.

While Harris might be celebrating, true patriots and defenders of the Constitution see through the charade. The Biden administration’s Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA) from June 2022, supported by a few misguided Republicans, paved the way for a concerning executive order. This order, issued on March 14, 2023, has federal agencies scrambling to enforce aspects of the BSCA without the necessary congressional oversight. One of these potential changes? The eradication of legal private gun sales.

A recent New York Times report highlighted that gun control activists push private online gun sellers to be held to the same standards as brick-and-mortar gun dealers. This is a blatant attempt to regulate private sales out of existence. The BSCA’s redefinition of a gun dealer, removing the ‘livelihood’ aspect and focusing solely on profit, clearly indicates their intent.

The New York Times suggests that selling even a single gun for a mere $1 profit could classify someone as a gun dealer. This would force them to adhere to the same regulations as major retailers, including background checks and record-keeping. The Biden administration is reportedly pressuring the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) to clarify this definition, which Second Amendment advocates believe will effectively ban private firearm transfers.

Aidan Johnston, a staunch defender of our rights and director of Federal Affairs for Gun Owners of America, rightly points out this absurdity. Selling a firearm to a friend or family member could soon require government licensing and adherence to the ATF’s stringent policies. Acquiring an FFL isn’t a walk in the park; it’s a bureaucratic nightmare.

The BSCA, hailed by Harris and her ilk as a monumental achievement in gun safety, is nothing more than a Trojan horse for aggressive gun control. The NRA-ILA has rightly called out this legislation for its overreach, which has alarmed even some of its initial supporters.

The Biden administration’s relentless push for gun control is a clear and present danger to our Second Amendment rights. While Harris might claim to support the Second Amendment, her actions and those of the administration, she serves speak louder than words. Their ultimate goal? Disarm the American public.

Alan Gottlieb, a stalwart of the Second Amendment Foundation, has called out Biden’s tactics, accusing him of using the ATF to sidestep Congress and target both the firearms industry and gun owners. This is not the America our Founding Fathers envisioned.

Gun Owners of America is gearing up to challenge this overreach, preparing to sue the government once this law takes effect. Johnston urges all gun owners to voice their opposition during the public comments period for the law. It’s time to rally behind pro-Second Amendment leaders and push for the repeal of the BSCA.

In the words of Gottlieb, “The Biden administration has no respect for constitutional rights like the Second Amendment in our Bill of Rights.” We must stand united against this assault on our freedoms.