**Kenner SWAT standoff ends in suspect’s death after shooting 3 officers**

Kenner, Louisiana – A suspect is dead, and three Kenner police officers are recovering after a SWAT standoff on Sunday. The officers were shot while attempting to arrest Matthew Lathers for an armed robbery and attempted murder. Kenner Police Captain Michael Cunningham reported that two of the injured officers have been released from the hospital, while one remains in stable condition.

During the standoff, the Kenner SWAT team faced resistance from Lathers, leading to the exchange of gunfire that left the officers wounded. Subsequently, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office (JPSO) SWAT team intervened and ultimately killed Lathers after he continued to pose a threat to law enforcement.

Cunningham mentioned that a SWAT robot was disabled during the arrest attempt, highlighting the dangerous nature of the situation. The officers’ quick actions and coordination with the JPSO SWAT team were crucial in neutralizing the threat posed by the suspect.

The incident began with Lathers allegedly shooting two individuals in a car outside the home, mistaking them for police officers. One of the innocent bystanders is listed in critical condition, emphasizing the tragic consequences of the suspect’s actions.

Notably, one of the wounded officers sustained a gunshot to the midsection but fortunately avoided any life-threatening injuries. The other officers were hit in the arm and leg, underlining the risks law enforcement officers face in the line of duty.

The successful resolution of the standoff reflects the bravery and dedication of the Kenner and JPSO law enforcement teams in ensuring the safety of the community. The collaboration between the agencies demonstrates the importance of swift and decisive action in handling dangerous situations to protect both officers and civilians alike.