Lyft Driver Brutally Attacked by Passenger on Plank Road: Dashcam Footage Reveals Shocking Assault

MENASHA, Wis. – A Lyft driver in Menasha, Wisconsin, faced a violent attack on December 21, leaving him with serious injuries. Terrence Lindsey appeared in Winnebago County Court on Thursday, facing charges of substantial battery, criminal damage to property, disorderly conduct, and obstructing an officer in connection with the incident.

The driver, Lucas Breedlove, suffered an eye injury, facial fractures, foot fractures, a chipped tooth, and a concussion. He expressed gratitude that the attack didn’t happen to someone more vulnerable, but stated that it has left him with light sensitivity and uncertainty about his future as a rideshare driver.

Breedlove, who has done nearly 12,000 rides over the past eight years for both Uber and Lyft, emphasized that no incident of this magnitude had occurred before. He also raised concerns about the safety of rideshare drivers, pointing out that companies like Lyft and Uber do not require background checks on their riders, and drivers are not allowed to carry any form of self-defense.

In response to the incident, a Lyft spokesperson stated that the rider’s account has been permanently removed from the platform, and they are cooperating with law enforcement in their investigation. The company also reached out to the driver to offer their support.

The case highlights the risks that rideshare drivers face, and it has raised concerns about the safety protocols in place for both drivers and riders. This incident also points to the need for improved safety measures and support for rideshare workers as they continue to provide essential transportation services.