Man Charged with Multiple Murders After Shooting Spree

FONTANA, Calif. — A California man with a history of violent crime and gang association is now being charged with multiple murders after an attack that left his current and former girlfriends dead, authorities said.

Louis Peter Hernandez, 41, a convicted felon on probation, allegedly entered a residence in Fontana on November 25 and shot and killed his girlfriend and another person, according to authorities. He then traveled to Riverside County, where he allegedly murdered his ex-girlfriend.

After the murders, he is alleged to have had an altercation with a fourth surviving gunshot victim in Riverside County, which remains under investigation. The first two victims died immediately, and the third died three days later. Hernandez, who was known by the name of “Wicked,” pleaded not guilty at his arraignment on November 29, with bail set at no bail.

Law enforcement officials had identified Hernandez as a gang member with a violent criminal past. He was on probation and under post-release community supervision at the time of the reported shootings.

Hernandez has been charged with three counts of murder and one count of assault with a firearm. Further charges are pending in relation to the fourth gunshot victim.

Depending on the outcome of an out-of-county investigation involving the fourth victim, additional charges may be filed. The authorities have also filed special allegations for prior felonies and special circumstances, which could potentially lead to a capital murder case.

The Fontana Police Department said officers were called to a house in the 15500 block of Eastwind Avenue in northern Fontana about 5:30 a.m. on Nov. 25. On the first floor, they found Romaldo Delarosa, who had been shot. Another victim was found upstairs with a fatal gunshot wound. Despite being transported to a local hospital, she died on Nov. 28. The woman was identified as Angelina Urbano.

Police apprehended Hernandez on Nov. 26. In Jurupa Valley, close to where Hernandez was arrested, the California Highway Patrol was investigating a shooting at a park and ride near Etiwanda Avenue and Mission Boulevard. A second shooting was also linked to Hernandez. A female victim suffered a gunshot wound in a vehicle and died at the scene. The woman has been identified as Dianna Couer.

Given the severity of the charges and the circumstances surrounding the case, the trial is likely to draw significant attention as it unfolds.