Melbourne Chef Assaulted with Beer Bottle and Violently Attacked by “Gang” While Defending Restaurant

Melbourne, Australia – A Melbourne chef was assaulted by a group of youths who surrounded his Southbank restaurant, escalating into a violent attack with a beer bottle. The incident occurred at 11pm on Thursday night at the Food Hall Thai restaurant on Gem Pl, when two individuals entered the establishment demanding free drinks. When staff refused, the youths left only to return later with more people. The owner, Terrance Khor, described the group as a “gang” of mostly teenagers, estimated to be around 20 people, who surrounded the restaurant.

According to Khor, the situation quickly turned violent when a group of male teens allegedly assaulted the restaurant’s chef from behind with a beer bottle. The chef attempted to defend the restaurant, and the confrontation was captured on video. In the video, one of the offenders allegedly threw what appeared to be a glass bottle, narrowly missing the person filming the incident. The group was also captured on CCTV damaging the exterior of the restaurant, using chairs to smash windows and the front door.

Following the attack, customers and staff reported the incident to the police. However, they were told that there were no officers available to attend the scene. Instead, Victoria Police sent an email with a link to file a report, a response that left Khor feeling “very disappointed” by the lack of support from the authorities. Police are now investigating the incident and have urged anyone with information or CCTV footage to come forward and contact Crime Stoppers.

The violent behavior displayed by the group of youths has sparked concern and fear in the local community, and the lack of immediate response from the police has left both the restaurant staff and owner feeling neglected. The incident serves as a reminder of the impact of youth violence and the importance of a swift and effective police response to such incidents to ensure the safety and security of businesses and individuals in the area.