Missing Man Found Dead in Burnaby After Extensive Search Effort

BURNABY, British Columbia – After nearly two weeks of search efforts, the body of the missing man, Anderson Cheng, was found by Mounties on Sunday. The 46-year-old was last seen in the early hours of February 1 near Nelson Avenue and McKee Place.

Cheng, who had multiple health issues, was the subject of an extensive search involving Burnaby and Coquitlam Search and Rescue teams, firefighters, and police. The search efforts also utilized drones and sniffer dogs to locate him.

Cpl. Mike Kalanj of the Burnaby RCMP expressed that it was unlike Cheng to wander off alone and noted his usual accompaniment. Kalanj also mentioned Cheng’s potential vulnerability due to being underdressed for the weather, speculating that he may have sought shelter in a shed or garage for warmth.

The circumstances surrounding Cheng’s death do not appear to be suspicious, according to the Mounties. The Burnaby RCMP offered their condolences to Cheng’s family and friends and expressed gratitude to the search and rescue teams and fire department for their assistance in a news release on Sunday.

Details about the discovery of Cheng’s body were not disclosed by the Burnaby RCMP. The community mourns the loss of Anderson Cheng, and his loved ones are in the thoughts of the local law enforcement.