Morgan Freeman, Rob Reiner, Along With 963 Americans Banned from Russia

Entertainer Morgan Freeman and entertainer/movie producer Rob Reiner are on a rundown of nearly 1,000 Americans prohibited by Moscow’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs from visiting Russia.

Others making the rundown distributed Saturday on the service’s site incorporate U.S. government authorities, legislators, and other political figures, including lawmakers Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and, to some degree strangely, the late Senator John McCain.

McCain is one of three previous congresspersons to show up on the rundown who are deceased. Among the living are Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg and George Soros.

All are blamed for “inducing Russophobia” by Moscow in reprisal for comparable moves by Washington since the Russian attack on Ukraine, SKY News reports.

Reiner’s and Freeman’s entrances refer to their work together on the side of the Committee to Investigate Russia; a not-for-profit zeroed in on uncovering charges of Russian impedance in U.S. races.

Reiner is on the warning leading body of the gathering, which was sent off in 2017, while Freeman, 84, voiced over a video it delivered.

“We have been gone after,” Freeman said in the video, alluding to Russia’s as yet doubtful obstruction in the 2016 official political race. “We are at war.”

“The Russian counter-sanctions are fundamental and mean to oblige the U.S. which is attempting to force a neocolonial ‘world request’ on the remainder of the planet… to change its situation and perceive new international real factors,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in its proclamation.

Moscow guaranteed it stayed open to “legitimate discourse” and drew a differentiation between U.S. individuals and the specialists “inducing Russophobia.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Hunter Biden, Sen. Lindsey Graham, writer George Stephanopoulos, filmmaker Jeffrey Katzenberg, and others took care of business and are allowed to go with Moscow’s endorsement.