Mother’s Custody Handover Turns Deadly as Scorned Woman Goes on Shooting Spree

Gainesville, Florida – A woman is facing charges of first-degree murder and attempted murder following a tragic incident on Christmas Day outside a Walgreens in northwest Gainesville. The 38-year-old, identified as Amanda Marie Janzen, allegedly shot and killed a woman and injured another man in a custody dispute.

According to the arrest report, Janzen drove to the Walgreens at 3909 NW 39th Ave. to hand over her 11-month-old child to the child’s father, as per a custody agreement ordered on Dec. 20. Despite being in a relationship since September 2021, Janzen accused the man of having an affair after the birth of her child.

On Monday, before stopping at the Walgreens, Janzen pulled over and gave the oldest son her debit card, food stamp card, and instructions on how to pay bills, the affidavit said. Once at the Walgreens, Janzen removed a firearm from her purse and cocked it while waiting for the child’s father to arrive.

According to the arrest report, inside the vehicle with five children, a loaded firearm, and two additional loaded magazines. When they arrived, Janzen allegedly shot the woman three times, fatally injuring her. She then turned her attention to the child’s father, shooting him three times as well.

Janzen was heard shouting, “You made this happen,” while shooting the child’s father.

Janzen fled the scene with the five children still in the vehicle, leading multiple law enforcement agencies on a high-speed chase that reached speeds up to 100 mph. During the chase, Janzen made a 911 call, admitting to shooting two people, and stated that the police were following her. The report mentioned the distressing pleas of the children in the vehicle, begging her to stop.

After eventually coming to a stop, Janzen discarded the loaded firearm from the vehicle. During her arrest, officers discovered two additional loaded magazines in her possession. The entire shooting incident was captured on surveillance video.

Janzen is being held at the Alachua County Jail on a $2 million bond. A first-degree murder charge, an attempted murder charge, and five counts of child neglect have been filed against her. A charge of attempting to elude police was later removed.