Murder Case Verdict: Jowie Found Guilty with Unanswered Motive for Monica Kimani’s Death

NAIROBI, Kenya – After the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani in 2018, the motive behind Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu’s actions remains a mystery. Justice Grace Nzioka, presiding over the murder case against Mr. Irungu and his then-fiancée Jacque Maribe, opted not to focus on establishing a motive.

In her determination of the case, Justice Nzioka agreed with Kimani’s family that the absence of a clear motive does not negate the possibility of holding someone accountable for murder. She emphasized that proving motive is not a necessary requirement under the Penal Code.

The judge also referenced previous court precedents which highlighted the need to prove malice aforethought, rather than motive, in murder cases. Her decision to downplay the significance of motive in this case raised questions about the nature of the relationship between Mr. Irungu and the victim.

Although suggestions of a romantic connection surfaced during the trial, the extent of the relationship between Mr. Irungu and Kimani remains unclear. Mr. Irungu even attempted to frame the victim’s alleged unfaithfulness as a possible motive for her murder. However, the judge dismissed this narrative, affirming that DNA evidence on the straps used to tie Kimani did not definitively prove the involvement of the accused individuals.

Ultimately, the mystery surrounding Kimani’s tragic death persists. The questions of why Mr. Irungu possessed an unused gun at the time of the murder, and why he obtained a stolen identity card just days before the crime, remain unanswered. In addition, the potential involvement of others in the case adds another layer of uncertainty. As a result, the true motive behind Kimani’s murder continues to elude both the court and the public.