Murder-Suicide Tragedy Strikes Glendale Residents in Riverside County

Glendale, California – Two Glendale residents were found dead in what authorities suspect to be a murder-suicide in an unincorporated area of Riverside County. The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department received a report from the Glendale Police Department about two individuals possibly in distress in a rural area near Lake Mathews. The deceased individuals were identified as Matthew Haze, 54, and Naomi Haneji-Haze, 53, both from Glendale.

Deputies responding to the area discovered the bodies in a vehicle and have initiated an investigation into the incident. The Sheriff’s Department announced that they are treating the case as a murder-suicide. Following the discovery of the bodies, the Lake Mathews Sheriff’s Station closed off a section of Cajalco Road for an investigation, reassuring the public that there was no ongoing threat.

Authorities have not released further details surrounding the circumstances of the deaths. However, anyone with information on the incident is encouraged to contact the Central Homicide Unit or the Lake Mathews Sheriff’s Station. Additionally, resources for individuals struggling with thoughts of suicide were provided in the statement released by officials.

The incident has left the Glendale community in shock, as friends and neighbors try to make sense of the tragic event. The identities of the deceased individuals have not yet been confirmed by officials, pending notification of their families. The authorities continue their investigation to uncover more details about what led to the tragic outcome.

As the community mourns the loss of two of its residents, support services and resources are being made available to those affected by the incident. The Glendale Police Department and the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department are working together to provide assistance and guidance to individuals who may be in need. The tragic event serves as a reminder of the importance of mental health awareness and reaching out for help in times of distress.