Murdered Fiancé in Game of ‘Chicken’ Begs Police to Shoot Her in the Head

CHESTER, England – In a tragic incident, a woman was found guilty of murdering her fiancé in a cruel game of “chicken.” The horrifying death occurred as the couple was driving home from a 60th birthday party.

Alice Wood, 23, drove her Ford Fiesta at her partner, 24-year-old Ryan Watson, before dragging him to his death. During the trial at Chester Crown Court, she was reported to have begged the police to shoot her in the head after the killing. She will now face a life sentence for this crime.

The court heard that Watson’s last moments were brutal, as he found himself in a deadly confrontation with Wood, who had turned their argument into a dangerous game. The prosecutor described the incident as a result of Wood losing her temper and using the car as a weapon after she and Watson had an argument while under the influence of alcohol.

After the incident, Wood knocked on a neighbor’s door and asked them to call an ambulance, claiming she had run over her boyfriend. The responding police officers reported that she smelled of alcohol and repeatedly asked to be shot in the head while crying. Wood will be sentenced at a later date and has been taken into custody.

This tragic incident has left Watson’s family in anguish, with his mother describing her nightmare of knowing her son’s last moments were so brutal.