New: Shock Waves Through Madera After New Year’s Eve Shooting Sparks Fear in Community

MADERA, Calif. – The Madera community is reeling after a deadly shooting took place in a neighborhood full of families celebrating New Year’s Eve. On Sunday, just before 8 pm, Madera police responded to a car crash and gunfire near East 14th and B Streets. When officers arrived, they found 35-year-old Carlos Bazante shot, and he died at the scene.

According to the Madera police, Bazante lived near where he was shot, and his family was able to walk to the crime scene from their home. The police are still working to identify the shooter and a motive, despite people being out on the streets celebrating the New Year.

Madera Police Sgt. Matthew McCombs explained that the area has had a history of gang violence, and it is not entirely surprising to see violence in the neighborhood. He also stated that at least 15 rounds were fired, with six hitting Bazante’s vehicle and one round hitting a house, though no one else was injured.

The recent shooting marks the third homicide in Madera in 2023. Two other homicides that occurred earlier in the year remain unsolved. McCombs expressed frustration at the lack of care for the community and mentioned that they are still gathering evidence, hoping that someone can provide information to help solve the case.

In summary, the Madera community is shaken after the fatal shooting of Carlos Bazante, the third homicide in Madera in 2023, with two other unsolved cases earlier in the year. Police are still collecting evidence and looking for witnesses to come forward to aid in solving the case.