Poll Shows Trump Beats DeSantis by 18 Points in Hypothetical ’24 Primary

Apparently, it is still former President Donald Trump’s Republican Party.

In a hypothetical 2024 GOP presidential primary among the two seeming front runners, Trump tops Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis by 18 in the most recent Rasmussen Reports poll.

Many likely voters (40%) picked Trump more than DeSantis (22%), or not one or the other (15%) when asked who might win the hypothetical GOP essential in 2024.

Separated by a party of those picking Trump:

·        Conservatives 59%.

·        Unaffiliated 37%.

·        Democrats 24%.

Separated by a party of those picking DeSantis:

·        Conservatives 23%.

·        Unaffiliated 21%.

·        Democrats 20%.

Separated by a party of those picking not one or the other:

·        Conservatives 6%.

·        Unaffiliated 22%.

·        Democrats 40%.

Both Trump and DeSantis have a majority favorable opinion at 52% each among likely citizens. Trump has a higher idealness rating among Republicans over DeSantis, while DeSantis is seen better by Democrats than Trump.

Broken down by a party of those who polled Trump favorable:

·        Conservatives 83% (9% unfavorable).

·        Unaffiliated 51% (36% unfavorable).

·        Democrats 24% (60% unfavorable).

Broken by a party of those polling DeSantis favorable:

·        Conservatives 76% (8% unfavorable).

·        Unaffiliated 46% (26% unfavorable).

·        Democrats 33% (42% unfavorable).

Rasmussen Reports surveyed 1,000 likely U.S. citizens on April 10-11. The outcomes had a margin of error of plus minus 3 percentage points.