Realtor Receives Two Life Sentences for Double Murder in New Jersey Residency

Surf City, New Jersey – A Pennsylvania realtor has been sentenced to two life terms in prison for the brutal murders of her father and his girlfriend in their Surf City waterfront home. Sherry Lee Heffernan, 57, showed no remorse as she received her sentence, maintaining her innocence despite overwhelming evidence against her.

Heffernan was convicted of stabbing her father, John “Jack” Enders, and his girlfriend, Francoise “Frenchy” Pitoy, multiple times and shooting them in the mouth in a fit of rage after being disinherited. The gruesome murders took place on September 29, 2021, leaving the small community shocked and grieving for the loss of the beloved victims.

Throughout the trial, Heffernan continued to claim she was framed for the murders, even expressing that she wished she had been the one killed instead. Despite her pleas, the jury found her guilty based on compelling evidence, including surveillance footage showing her presence near the crime scene on the night of the murders.

Prosecutors argued that Heffernan’s motive for the murders stemmed from being cut out of her father’s will and being denied the opportunity to sell his valuable property. The violent nature of the killings, with Enders being stabbed 51 times and Pitoy 39 times, painted a grim picture of Heffernan’s anger and resentment.

As Heffernan faces a lifetime behind bars, the community mourns the loss of Enders, a U.S. Air Force veteran, and Pitoy, a cherished member of the Surf City Volunteer Fire Company. Their tragic deaths have left a permanent scar on the tight-knit town, with loved ones remembering them fondly for the positive impact they had on those around them.

Despite Heffernan’s insistence on her innocence, the overwhelming evidence presented in court left no room for doubt in the minds of the jurors. The sentencing of two life terms signifies the gravity of her actions and serves as a small measure of closure for the families and friends of the victims. The heinous nature of the crime and the calculated brutality displayed by Heffernan paint a chilling portrait of a woman consumed by greed and malice.