Recent Events Show Justice System Has ‘Two Tiers’

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., said that a muted reaction from the Justice Department in ongoing debates shows the U.S. has two levels of frameworks of equity now.

We have one for Democrats and their tip-top companions, and we have one for every other person, Johnson said during a Wednesday appearance on “Spicer and Co.”

The Wisconsin senator referred to the dismissal of Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann, the reaction to dangers against moderate Supreme Court judges, and the treatment of Jan. 6 respondents as evidence of the turn of events.

They safeguard individuals on their side. Johnson said that individuals like Michael Sussman get off when he misled the FBI, Johnson said. The VP (Kamala Harris) urged individuals to give to the bailout store for the late spring dissidents in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

When you have the occasion on Jan. 6 — and we criticize the violence. I need to see those individuals who committed demonstrations of viciousness prosecuted to the full degree of the law. However, they send in SWAT groups to grandmother and granddads sitting at their ranches because they just appeared at the Capitol and never entered the Capitol grounds.

Johnson further whined that the DOJ was focusing on racial oppressors, whom he convicts; however, he accepts the office is utilizing to divert from fear-mongering dangers against Supreme Court judges and not-for-profits.

For instance, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, supportive of life gatherings, the representative frame. There was another fire-besieging at another supportive of life bunch, and I accept it was in Buffalo, New York.

Thus, I just composed the Department of Justice, ‘What are you doing about this?’ I had composed already, getting some information about how they examined the late spring agitators versus Jan. 6 nonconformists, and you never find any solutions from this Justice Department whatsoever, he added.