Ron DeSantis Unveils Unstoppable Campaign: Promises to Restore Law and Order

Republican Governor and potential presidential candidate Ron DeSantis of Florida made an assertive campaign stop in Oklahoma, gaining the endorsement of fellow Republican Governor Kevin Stitt. During the event, DeSantis shared his vision for revitalizing the nation.

Stitt praised DeSantis’s administration and drew comparisons to his work in Oklahoma, highlighting their shared opposition to mask mandates, pro-life values, and the policies of the Biden administration. On June 10, Stitt enthusiastically endorsed DeSantis, declaring his full support.

Speaking to an enthusiastic crowd in Tulsa, DeSantis expressed his belief that America is in decline due to the choices made by its leaders. He vowed to utilize the successful policies in Florida to bring about a much-needed turnaround for the country.

“Our great American comeback will commence once we send Joe Biden back to his basement in Delaware,” DeSantis declared. “I am confident it can be achieved because I have already done it in Florida.”

DeSantis outlined several key priorities, including tightening immigration policies, implementing E-Verify for legal employment, imposing stricter penalties for fentanyl smuggling, and cracking down on human trafficking.

Additionally, DeSantis emphasized the urgent need to address inflation by ending excessive money printing and reducing government spending. “We are determined to reverse the disastrous economic policies of the Biden administration,” he asserted.

The Governor also highlighted Florida’s accomplishments under his leadership, such as banning land purchases by America’s adversaries, prohibiting Environmental Social Governance banking, and promoting sound fiscal policies. These efforts have resulted in significant tax relief of $2.7 billion for Floridians, despite the state not having an income tax. DeSantis also pledged to restart domestic energy production.

“We will consign wokeism to the dustbin of history,” DeSantis declared, emphasizing his commitment to fighting against the indoctrination of children. He asserted that Florida has stood up to corporations, activists, and the education establishment, with measures to prohibit pornography in public school libraries and ban so-called “gender-affirming health care” for children. DeSantis proudly mentioned Florida’s support for school choice, pro-life legislation, and the death penalty authorization for pedophiles.

Drawing thunderous applause from the crowd, DeSantis firmly stated, “We stand for protecting our children, and we will never compromise on these principles. If we can achieve it in Florida, we can do it anywhere.”

The Governor also highlighted Florida’s commitment to families by eliminating taxes on infant-care items, allowing parents to raise babies tax-free.

DeSantis firmly believes that returning the government to the principles outlined by America’s founders is the key to success. He criticized unaccountable agencies that have wielded power through unconstitutional laws for far too long. He vowed to rein in the administrative state.

Addressing concerns regarding the Justice Department, DeSantis expressed his intention to initiate change by cleaning the department, starting with appointing a new FBI director.

While DeSantis has garnered significant support, recent news coverage has been dominated by former President Donald Trump’s indictment by President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice on June 8. DeSantis has publicly criticized the charge on social media, although he did not specifically address it during his Tulsa appearance.

Illegal immigration remains a central focus of DeSantis’s campaign. Before he visited Oklahoma, he held a roundtable discussion with sheriffs from southwestern states in Iowa to discuss effective strategies for combating this issue. DeSantis invited these law enforcement officials to utilize the successful programs he implemented in Florida.

Notably, DeSantis has faced criticism and legal threats from California Governor Gavin Newsome for his approach to illegal immigration, particularly regarding his decision to transport illegal immigrants to “sanctuary states” like California and Massachusetts. Governor Newsom has even threatened to prosecute DeSantis for what he calls “kidnapping.”

In the face of these challenges, DeSantis remains undeterred. He believes that his steadfast commitment to addressing illegal immigration is essential for the safety and prosperity of the American people. His actions demonstrate his dedication to protecting the rule of law and the interests of American citizens.

The rally attendees in Tulsa expressed varying levels of support for the candidates. While some were firmly in DeSantis’s camp, others took a more pragmatic approach, emphasizing their commitment to vote for the nominee, regardless of who it may be. John Beemer from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, acknowledged DeSantis’s accomplishments in Florida and admired Trump’s ability to get things done. He expressed confidence that DeSantis possessed similar qualities.

Steve Tryon from Coweta, Oklahoma, shared his unwavering support for DeSantis but echoed the sentiment of voting for the eventual nominee. He recognized the effectiveness of both DeSantis and Trump. He believed that either candidate would be a strong leader for the Republican Party.

As the Republican Primary unfolds, DeSantis finds himself navigating a political landscape dominated by news of Trump’s indictment. However, he remains focused on his campaign message and the critical issues facing the nation, particularly illegal immigration and the revival of the economy.

With his proven track record of success, DeSantis is a formidable candidate unafraid to take on the establishment and stand up for the principles that have made America great. His pro-republican agenda and commitment to protecting American values and interests resonate with supporters seeking a leader who will prioritize their concerns.

As the journey to the Republican nomination continues, DeSantis remains steadfast in his mission to restore America’s greatness and ensure a brighter future for all Americans.