Russia Launches 90 Drones in New Year’s Day Attack Against Ukraine, Shooting Down 87

KYIV, Ukraine – On New Year’s Day, Russia unleashed a wave of drone attacks on Ukraine, with the Ukrainian military reporting that they were able to shoot down 87 of the 90 drones launched. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky vowed that Russia would soon face Ukraine’s ‘wrath’ in response to the attacks.

The Ukrainian military announced that they had destroyed a record number of Iranian-made drones launched by Russia, with 87 out of 90 drones downed. The attacks resulted in casualties, as one person died and nine were wounded in Odesa when a Russian drone hit a high rise building, igniting a fire.

Zelensky, in a televised New Year’s address, assured that Ukraine would have ‘a million’ additional drones in its arsenal next year, along with F-16 fighter jets delivered by Western partners. The president also expressed gratitude for the support from Western allies, with Britain committing to sending hundreds more air defense missiles to Kyiv.

Despite billions of dollars worth of Western weapons, Ukraine has struggled to make a major breakthrough in its 2023 counteroffensive against invading Russian forces. Moscow has continued to ramp up pressure along the frontlines, capturing towns and cities in eastern Ukraine. The ongoing conflict has led to widespread devastation, with damages to infrastructure and lives.

The conflict has further escalated tensions between Russia and Ukraine, prompting calls for continued military support from Western allies to aid Ukraine in its defensive efforts. As the situation unfolds, both countries face the daunting task of finding a resolution to the ongoing conflict.