Russian Politician, Vladimir Egorov, Found Dead After Falling from Third-Floor Window

TOBOLSK, Russia – Vladimir Egorov, a political ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, was found dead on Wednesday after allegedly falling from a third-floor window in Tobolsk, Tyumen Oblast, Russian state media reports.

Egorov, 46, was a member of Putin’s United Russia party and served as Tobolsk City Duma deputy. He plunged from the third-floor window of a house in Tobolsk and was found in the front yard of the home with “no sign of criminal death on the body,” according to reports.

There are speculations that Egorov may have suffered from heart problems prior to the fall, which is frequently cited as an explanation for untimely or suspicious deaths of prominent people in Russia, particularly since the start of the war against Ukraine.

The pathologists are awaiting official autopsy results to establish Egorov’s cause of death, and the police are investigating what exactly caused his fall.

Egorov, a lawyer, was forced out of the city administration in 2016 following a corruption scandal for which he was not convicted. Upon returning to politics, Egorov became one of the wealthiest local deputies of Tobolsk, a prominent oil town, with his income amounting to 9.1 million rubles (about $100,500), according to Russian news outlet RBC.

Egorov leaves behind a wife and two children. Two other notable Putin allies, Lukoil tycoon Ravil Maganov and Marina Yankina, also suspiciously fell to their deaths since the start of the war. All were said to be suffering from heart problems.

In conclusion, the death of Vladimir Egorov, a political ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, from a fall out of a third-floor window in Tobolsk, Russia, has raised questions about the circumstances surrounding his demise, particularly given the history of similar incidents involving prominent Putin allies. The results of the official autopsy and the police investigation may shed light on the cause of Egorov’s tragic death.