Ruwac USA: Cutting-Edge Dust Collection & Tubing Systems Tailored to Your Needs

Bellingham, MA – Ruwac, a company with over 40 years of experience in manufacturing, offers customized dust collection and tubing systems tailored to specific applications. Their team of professional engineers ensures compliance with OSHA and NFPA regulations, creating a safe working environment for employees while effectively collecting materials. Regardless of the application, Ruwac collaborates with clients to deliver safe and cost-effective solutions.

In the past, companies needed separate dust collectors and industrial vacuums to maintain clean facilities. However, Ruwac’s Explosion Proof product lines have revolutionized the process by offering hybrid, multi-function machines that are NFPA-compliant and manufactured entirely in the USA. These machines are available in various operating voltages and capacities, providing versatility for different industrial needs.

The features of Ruwac’s Explosion Proof product lines include Class II, Div 2 or Class I, Div 1,2 (Group D); Class II, Div 1,2 (Groups F & G) certifications, NFPA 652 and 654 compliance, continuous duty TEFC explosion-proof motors, point-of-source extraction, and dual functionality for both dust collection and post-process dust handling. These machines also double as vacuums for industrial housekeeping, emphasizing their multifunctionality.

Ruwac USA is renowned for its innovative design and manufacture of industrial vacuum and dust collection systems, providing a higher level of protection for a wide range of industrial applications. Their commitment to quality and safety makes them a top choice for companies looking to improve their workplace environments.