Safety Concerns Rise at North Penn High School After Middle School Attack with Stanley Cup

NORTH WALES, Pennsylvania – Concerned parents and community members gathered at North Penn High School for a school safety forum, addressing recent safety incidents in the district. The forum was prompted by a violent attack on a 7th grader at Pennbrook Middle School last month, which left many in the community shocked and outraged.

During the forum, parents raised questions about the response to the incident, existing policies, and accountability measures within the school district. Dr. Todd Bauer, the superintendent of North Penn School District, acknowledged the concerns voiced by parents, emphasizing the importance of addressing behavior problems among students in the schools.

One parent, Erin Blanc, expressed frustration, questioning the process for removing students who repeatedly break rules and harm others. The forum provided a platform for community members to seek updates on safety enhancements in the district and to demand transparency regarding the assault at Pennbrook Middle School.

Dr. Bauer faced tough questions from parents regarding the identification of students considered a threat within the district, but reiterated that he could not disclose that information due to a judge’s order. Despite the limitations imposed by the order, parents continued to voice their concerns about repeated behavior issues affecting their children.

The superintendent confirmed that Stock and Leader, a third party, is conducting an investigation into the attack, with additional details expected to be shared at a meeting scheduled for Thursday. The ongoing dialogue between parents and school officials underscores the community’s commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of all students in the district.