LOS ANGELES, CA – Concerns over safety on public transit in Los Angeles have been heightened after a violent attack on an L.A. Dash bus operator and a series of other incidents on Metro buses and trains. The attack, captured on video, occurred after a homeless woman was refused entry onto the bus.

The incident involving the Dash bus operator, which took place in South L.A., highlights the dangers faced by public transportation workers and passengers. The driver, who was behind a plexiglass barrier, was violently dragged off the bus by the homeless woman in a shocking altercation. After a struggle, the driver managed to get back inside the bus and drive away from the scene.

Following this attack, concerns about safety on public transit have increased, with some riders expressing unease about riding Metro buses and trains. Issues regarding safety have prompted some operators to stage protests, such as the recent “sick out” by Metro operators due to ongoing safety concerns.

The recent spate of attacks on public transit operators and passengers, including a fatal stabbing on a Metro train and a hijacking incident involving a bus crashing into a building, has raised alarm about the need for increased security measures. Calls for roving security teams on public transit have been made to protect both drivers and passengers.

According to a statement from Metro, many of these attacks are linked to untreated mental illness and drug addiction, highlighting a complex societal issue. The transit authority has implemented additional security measures on high-risk bus lines and is working on long-term plans to enhance safety for all public transit users.

As the community grapples with these safety concerns, riders like Laura Ismael are calling for swift action to address the escalating violence on public transportation. The aftermath of the recent attack in South L.A. has left many questioning the level of protection for transit workers and passengers, prompting a reevaluation of security protocols.

Efforts are being made to ensure the safety of both drivers and riders on public transit, but the challenges remain complex. The incidents highlight the need for a comprehensive approach to addressing safety concerns on public transportation in Los Angeles.