Severe Outbreak: 4 Dead as Tornado Threat Continues in South with Flash Flood Emergency Declared

Nashville, Tennessee – The threat of severe weather, including tornadoes, continues to wreak havoc in the South, as a multi-day outbreak of storms sweep through the Plains, Midwest, and Southern regions. The death toll has risen from this deadly weather event, with at least four fatalities reported since Monday. Two fatalities occurred in Tennessee, one in North Carolina, and another in Barnsdall, Oklahoma, following an EF4 tornado.

Supercells, characterized by their spinning updraft called a “mesocyclone,” have been swirling across the Plains, Midwest, and South since Monday, spawning dangerous weather conditions like tornadoes, large hail, and strong winds. Reports indicate over 900 instances of severe weather since the outbreak began, causing widespread damage and destruction.

In South Carolina, flood advisories and flash flood warnings have been issued by the National Weather Service, with areas south of U.S. Highway 74 and west of Interstate 77 identified as the most vulnerable to flash flooding. Local officials urge residents to stay vigilant and avoid driving through flood waters to prevent accidents and injuries.

Throughout Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and the Carolinas, a complex of severe storms is expected to move southward, posing threats of damaging wind gusts, heavy rainfall, and potential tornadoes. Additionally, central and eastern Texas to the ArkLaTex regions are at risk of hailstorms, while a long-lived damaging wind event in the South is anticipated later tonight.

In Tennessee, extensive damage was observed as homes were ripped from their foundations and road closures were reported following a tornado emergency in Columbia. Officials are assessing the magnitude of resulting bodily injuries and property damage caused by the storms, while crews work diligently to clear debris and support affected communities.

Further north in Alabama, Hanegar town faced significant damage and injuries following a severe weather event late last night. The town was under a tornado emergency prior to the destruction, prompting swift response and recovery efforts in the aftermath. Reports indicate that crews are working tirelessly to address the aftermath of the storm and assist those in need.

As of early Thursday morning, more than 200,000 homes and businesses were left without power, with North Carolina experiencing the highest number of outages at over 90,000. The state bore the brunt of a large storm that caused tree damage and power line disruptions in various locations. The National Weather Service has issued a tornado watch for parts of Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee, urging residents to remain alert for possible tornadoes, hail, and strong wind gusts.

Amidst the chaos, flash flood warnings remain prevalent in the Southern states, with Tennessee facing a flash flood emergency that necessitated water rescues to save trapped individuals from rising waters. Authorities warn of the potential for new severe storms and advisories later in the day, as the region braces for continued impacts from the ongoing severe weather outbreak.